Q20 Stands – consisting of 20 frames

The same twenty frames can be used to create many stands with a different layout, below you can find selected examples with detailed designs

Stands are made of frames with standard dimensions: 125 cm x 100 cm

Walls can be connected with posts, connectors or system hinges that enable to obtain even more arrangements.

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Q20 stands/07 - PDF

Q20 stands/01

Q20 stands/02

Q20 stands/02 - PDF

Q20 stands/03

Q20 stands/03 - PDF

Q20 stands/04

Q20 stands/04 - PDF

Q20 stands/05

Q20 stands/05 - PDF

Q20 stands/06

Q20 stands/06 - PDF

Q20 stands/07

Q20 stands/01 - PDF

Q20 stands/08

Q20 stands/08 - PDF

Q20 stands/09

Q20 stands/09 - PDF

Q20 stands/10

Q20 stands/10 - PDF

Q20 stands/11

Q20 stands/11 - PDF

Q20 stands/12

Q20 stands/12- PDF

Q20 stands/13

Q20 stands/13- PDF