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The QUBE system was created with the construction of trade show booths in mind, from small mobile promotional points to large, complex structures used at industry events. Thanks to its modular design, the booth can be reused multiple times, and most importantly, in a different shape each time.

  • Modular design ensuring quick and hassle-free assembly
  • Frames available in various versions and sizes
  • Panels can be connected in different configurations, allowing the system to be reused in various layouts and situations
  • From QUBE frames, you can build:
    • Booth walls, creating large surfaces for graphic presentation
    • Back offices
    • Meeting rooms
    • Counters and stands
    • Information and leaflet stands
    • Display stands
  • Panel connections are made without the use of tools

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  • Made of anodized aluminum frames – matte silver color
  • Aluminum profiles can be:
    • Painted in any color from the RAL palette
    • Coated with a finish that perfectly imitates the pattern and color of veneered wood – several designs to choose from
    • Anodized in other colors, such as olive, brown, black (custom orders)


QUBE panels used for trade fair stands construction are filled with a board on one or both sides, depending on the project design.

  • Standard filling: Frames are filled with lightweight PVC board.
  • However, for practical, aesthetic, and individual design reasons, the filling can also be:
    • Aluminum composite board: Very durable, rigid, allows for the mounting of objects, pockets, etc. on the surface of the wall.
    • Furniture board: With any pattern imitating wood.
    • Glass or plexiglass: Providing transparency and better lighting for the booth or back office.
    • Slats: Forming an openwork filling.
    • Boards with milled patterns.
    • Acoustic panels: Ensuring sound insulation, most often used in back offices and meeting rooms to provide acoustic comfort.
    • Fabrics.
  • Other materials can also be used to meet specific needs.

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The trade fair stand can be externally lit with lamps mounted on the top profile of the walls. The lighting used includes:

  • Light beam – LIGHT BOARD
  • Lamp – DISPLAY

Individual frames can also be illuminated from the inside, serving as an interesting decorative element. The power supply system is concealed within the wall.


Depending on the design requirements, the flooring can be made of:

  • System QUBE frames filled with a solid board
  • Trade show carpet

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  • Flat or side-mounted – made of steel, powder-coated.
  • Used to stabilize individual QUBE Line walls, freestanding panels, stands, and advertising displays.
  • Mounted at the ends of long booth walls to improve their stability.

QUBE trade fair stands are custom-made, allowing each element to meet individual user expectations. Additionally, the equipment is selected individually, and the constructions can be equipped with:

  • Shelves: straight or inclined
  • Leaflet pockets
  • Cable system for hanging frames and clip frames
  • Display cabinets
  • TV or tablet holders
  • Graphic elements: flat and three-dimensional
  • Light frames

Individual frames are relatively small in size. Thanks to QUBE accessories (transport trolleys, frame covers), they are easy to transport and store. For more information, please refer to the detailed specifications and guidelines provided by QUBE – see more

From Design to Implementation

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Selected projects

Perfect advertising tool: modular trade fair stands. Ensure your company presents perfectly at industry events.

Trade fair stands based on the QUBE exhibition system are a versatile solution successfully adopted by many companies across various industries. Presented by Omega System, this platform swiftly becomes a key tool for professional exhibitions. The proprietary QUBE technology creates each elegant and modern booth at trade shows.

One frame – many possibilities

The frame system QUBE is a cutting edge solution for making stalls. Thanks to light, aluminium construction it is possible to create and modernize composition in a convenient way. All of this thanks to a single frame system, which can be used as a wall of stall, stands, advertising poles, counters, hanged boards or even a supply base.

The system can be used repeatedly. The aluminium construction remains the same and only fulfilment is changed.

The lighting is mounted inside the system – it improves visibility and makes fulfillment more attractive.

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Modular trade fair stands – a way to success during numerous industry events!

Modular trade fair stands, such as those offered by the innovative QUBE framework, excel not only in exhibition spaces but also in retail stores or offices. These stands, crafted in this manner, serve as essential elements at all industry events. The modular constructions, alternatively known as modern frames offered by Omega System, are characterized by their impeccable craftsmanship and immense functionality. They can serve as informational or promotional displays thanks to interchangeable panels where you can feature your own logo, catchy promotional slogan, or even a brand hero image— a character associated exclusively with your brand. The applications of QUBE stands are practically limitless, with their greatest advantages being compactness and mobility. Made from lightweight aluminum, these modular trade fair stands are incredibly easy to assemble and dismantle, and transporting or storing such presentation points should pose no significant challenges.

As highly experienced designers and manufacturers, we can assure you that QUBE technology stands boast a very attractive quality-to-price ratio. It’s important to remember that trade fairs and similar industry events present excellent opportunities to showcase your offerings. Proven advertising techniques can contribute to tremendous success, often achieved after many years of waiting. We invite you to explore our offerings. You can find individual designs for trade fair stands at prices that are remarkably enticing.

We present trade fair stands that will significantly enhance your company’s image during industry events. As seasoned designers and producers of all structures supporting stationary advertising, we understand the importance of combining aesthetics with functionality. Our trade fair stands are of top-notch quality. All companies, regardless of industry, can customize banners and components with their own logos and graphic designs through us. We pay attention to every detail, ensuring that our modular trade fair stands appear impressive and striking. We guarantee prestige for your business. Years of experience and modern manufacturing methods have enabled us to create trade fair stands tailored to the unique expectations of our clients.

A functional trade fair stand is a true must-have for your company!

Our constructions’ striking appearance is just the beginning. In addition to aesthetic graphics, a trade show stand should also excel in durability and resilience. Our products are remarkably resistant to mechanical damage and adverse environmental factors. All modular trade show stands share similar parameters. When you invest in Omega System’s designs, you are assured of protection against dust and contaminants. Materials selected by our skilled specialists ensure durability and safety, allowing you to confidently display large-scale products without concerns about their condition. Our commitment to quality is evident in every project we undertake. Invest in our proprietary QUBE technology today!

A trade show stand equals many applications. Discover additional uses for portable components.

At our place, you can purchase solid and practical trade show stands that will undoubtedly transform your regular workspace into a prestigious and functional environment. Trade shows are not the only events where it’s worth bringing along a high-quality Omega System construction. The stand will also fit perfectly at special or charity events. The component can also be used as a sales point or information center. Our specialists will ensure the structure’s size perfectly matches your needs. If you want to showcase large and bulky products, we’ll select the appropriate materials to ensure a durable and high-quality component. Modular trade show stands are an ideal investment for both large and small businesses. Top-notch stationary advertising and competitive pricing are within your reach!

We are leaders in the market of presentation and exhibition systems.

Omega System has been operating in the market for 25 years. Our skilled professionals manufacture trade show stands based on years of experience and modern, innovative technologies. We provide services at the highest level, paying attention to every detail in our constructions. We understand that every trade show stand must look outstanding and impressive, which is why we have created a special offer that caters to every client’s preferences. Additionally, at Omega System, you can order personalized trade show stands that are an exceptional solution for any business. Our extensive knowledge accumulated over many years allows us to meet even the most unique ideas from our clients. Reliable Omega System guarantees durability, quality, and aesthetics. The price for trade show stands in our company has remained unchanged for many years. See for yourself that every trade show stand crafted by us represents the highest standard.

Modern trade show booths will help you stand out from the crowd!

Every year, numerous events directly linked to various trade fairs are organized. Many artists, craftsmen, and designers aim to showcase their creations to a wide audience, opening their stands at these fairs. The modular trade fair stands offered by Omega System are a real standout at such events, mainly because each one is unique. Trade fair stands are an integral part of conventions and cultural events related to fashion, literature, and even music! The immense functionality of modular stands means they can be designed according to individual preferences. Interchangeable panels allow for virtually anything to be displayed – from logos to graphic designs or promotional slogans that define the brand. Modular trade fair stands are easy to assemble and dismantle, making them portable enough to take anywhere, and they are also very transport-friendly.

Trade fair stands and excellent advertising for your company

At trade shows, it’s crucial to stand out! At Omega System, we understand this well, which is why we’re eager to create a custom trade fair stand tailored to your needs! Many exhibitors opt for the simplest form of self-promotion—flyers. However, these can easily get lost in the crowd or end up buried at the bottom of a bag. Your own stand has a greater chance of attracting a lot of attention. The golden rule of trade shows? Where five people gather, soon a group of fifteen or twenty follows. To capture attention, it’s worth considering a stand that surpasses all others! Maintaining visual identity is crucial—it ensures effective engagement with potential customers who could later become your clients! As for trade fair stand prices, they are truly advantageous—giving you a brilliant booth that draws crowds! Modular trade show stands are for everyone—At Omega System, we specialize in bespoke orders, ensuring each stand we produce is cutting-edge.

Trade fair stands with Omega System. What makes our company stand out?

When it comes to trade fair stands, Omega System is one of the most renowned designers utilizing QUBE lightweight aluminum frame systems. Thanks to the latest advancements in frame design and the use of special materials, our modular trade fair stands are distinguished by durability and excellent print quality. You can be assured that your order will be executed with meticulous attention to detail. For several years now, we have been creating various advertising systems, offering interested parties the opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Each project is handled with exceptional conscientiousness, keeping our clients’ best interests in mind. You can trust us—numerous successful projects attest to our reliability. No two stands are alike—at least not when we are involved in their construction. Want to make your brand shine among other exhibitors? Invest in our trade fair stands; the price is very competitive! Discover this for yourself by choosing Omega System.

We offer trade show systems tailored to the individual needs of our clients.

Do you want to showcase your brand to new potential customers? Are you looking for an effective and cost-efficient way to promote your services or products? The answer to your needs is a trade show booth, an innovative next-generation exhibition setup. Modern marketing operates by its own rules—if you want to stay ahead, you must meet the consumers’ needs. As a manufacturer of trade show booths, we understand how to prepare user-friendly systems that help you stand out from your industry competition. Smartly designed and professionally executed trade show booths are key to sales success! They allow for dignified presentation and leave a positive impression on attendees. Moreover, they serve as a company’s business card—ideal for trade shows and smaller events where exhibitors participate. We’ve prepared an extensive offer including modern trade show booths for companies aiming to reach customers using advanced tools.

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Discover modern exhibition stands with great sales power

Modular trade fair stands are reusable structures that allow you to present yourself as a professional to customers. A good exhibitor attracts attention without imposing on attendees—using a high-quality stand, you can make a lasting impact at trade fairs in the best possible way! When it comes to modular trade fair stands, we offer numerous systems that can be fully personalized to meet your needs. We prioritize top-notch quality, utilizing durable materials suitable for both indoor and outdoor use (e.g., outdoor events). You can order perfectly equipped, modern modular trade fair stands designed to draw crowds from us. Explore our website to see the trade fair systems we deliver—each stand can be configured according to individual client preferences. Choose a solution aligned with current trends and make a memorable impression! A strong presentation at an event is essential for success. It’s time to equip yourself with the right trade fair stand and embark on finding new customers and partners.

The manufacturer of exhibition stands invites you to cooperate! Check out our projects

Participation in business trade fairs is a fantastic tool for entrepreneurs, enabling them to establish numerous business contacts and promote their brand among targeted individuals. At Omega System, we specialize in manufacturing both simple and advanced trade show systems. Among them, modern modular trade show stands deserve special attention—more and more exhibitors are opting for these. As an experienced manufacturer of trade show stands, we ensure that each stand we produce is of the highest quality, tailored to specific business needs. We stand out for our quick turnaround times and flexibility. We carefully listen to our clients’ needs, resulting in unique trade show stands tailored to their requirements. Discover the numerous benefits of participating in trade shows as an exhibitor. We’ll help you bring your vision of a trade show stand to life for your business!

Pytania i odpowiedzi (FAQ)

#1 Is having your own stand necessary?

Of course, you can do without a stand. However, this doesn’t mean you’ll gain as many customers—consumers are visual, so a well-visible stand can attract crowds. We offer many types of stands where even novice exhibitors can find something for themselves.

#2 How to ensure a good presentation?

First, set up your booth. Solid trade fair stands are resistant to external factors and mechanical damage. Our assortment includes trade fair stands based on the modern QUBE system, ensuring you won’t have to fold up in case of bad weather. A solid stance (stand) and a fantastic design idea are important in presentation.

#3 Do you have only one stand system?

No! We offer our clients many modular trade fair stands tailored to contemporary requirements and expectations of those participating in such events. Everyone will find something for themselves—depending on exactly what they need.

#4 What should a modern modular trade fair stand look like?

Trade fair stands give exhibitors a wide range of options for customization to their needs. It’s important for the trade fair stand to be consistent with the brand’s character—maintained in specific colors and tailored to specific business goals. Modern modular trade fair stands can be set up in many ways, adapting the layout to the conditions in the hall. The entire area should be arranged to attract the attention of potential customers.

#5 How much does it cost to implement a high-quality trade fair stand?

The cost of a trade fair stand can range from a few to tens of thousands of zlotys. It depends on many factors and is usually determined individually. The price for a personalized booth design differs from the price of a modular system. Stands should be sourced directly from the manufacturer. An example of a company specializing in providing trade fair solutions is Omega System—a manufacturer of trade fair stands. To get a quote, contact us via the form or call.

#6 Do trade fair stands facilitate customer acquisition?

Well-thought-out and professionally executed trade fair stands facilitate customer acquisition, and more. If the booth is well-prepared and the service remains impeccable, attending trade fairs will translate into increased sales of products/services. A suitable booth is a reliable marketing tool for promoting the brand during trade events (and beyond). Answering the question: yes, trade fair stands facilitate reaching customers and acquiring them—provided they are properly designed and set up.

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