Construction of exhibition stands

We will comprehensively prepare your company for trade shows! We design and build trade show booths tailored for promoting your business at various events. If you want to experience the power of on-site advertising, rely on our expertise! Custom-built trade show booths? No problem – we are at your service. We will create an ambitious design and execute it with satisfaction, ensuring you stand out positively at trade shows and other events. Learn more about how we construct trade show booths. Each project is handled individually, selecting the structure and adjusting the layout of identification elements to suit the specific promotional needs. The experts at Omega System will be happy to answer all your questions. When it comes to designing, building, and assembling exhibition stands, we are unmatched!

Construction of modern exhibition stands is our specialty!

We are proud to say that trade show booth construction holds no secrets for us – we have been doing it for over 25 years. We create innovative systems based on aluminum profile constructions. The booths we build enable a dignified presentation at industry trade shows and promote services or products with high efficiency. Mere presence at an event is not enough: as an exhibitor, you should ensure you have a professionally prepared booth. Our installers will take care of everything! At Omega System, we create reusable trade show booths in various configurations and provide professional assembly services. Our projects focus on creating a positive brand image. Hence, our thoughtful layouts, highest quality workmanship, and numerous conveniences for both exhibitors and attendees. Trade show booth construction is a service that should be entrusted to experts. You’ve come to the right place, feel free to contact us!

We design and build exhibition stands for clients from various industries

A minimalist trade show booth or a complex modular system? Our trade show booth construction services encompass both simple projects and complex orders. We focus on modern solutions and tailor each booth to the specific industry of the exhibitor. Do you have an idea for an exhibition system that will effectively promote your brand? We will be happy to create it for you! Our trade show booth construction process is efficient – we use various tools to deliver exhibits that meet contemporary standards. Check out our proprietary technologies and let us help you present your offerings at trade shows. Building exhibition booths also means building a positive image for our clients’ companies. Our assembly team works meticulously, ensuring perfect joints and finishes. For years, we have proven that professionally conducted trade show booth construction results in a functional, safe, and attention-grabbing stand.

The experts at Omega System are at your service – we will build your trade show booth.

Constructing exhibition booths is a highly responsible task. The work must be based on a professional design to create a booth that will make a mark at industry trade shows. When it comes to exhibition booths, we are unmatched – at Omega System, we design and build top-quality exhibition systems. The trade show booths we create stand out significantly compared to those offered by the competition. We provide aesthetically pleasing, visually attractive, and durable solutions to clients all over Poland. Rely on our years of experience, and we will demonstrate how efficiently custom trade show booth construction can be carried out. We will create exactly the exhibition system you need for effective brand promotion, and our team will handle the comprehensive assembly of all elements. No order is too complex for us – if it’s about trade show booth construction, it should be with the specialists at Omega System!

What should I keep in mind when commissioning a trade show booth?

Constructing trade show booths is a service best entrusted to professionals. When commissioning a custom-built system, it’s essential to check the references and past projects of the contractor. It’s a good idea to work with a company that has been providing such services for at least 25 years. Omega System is an example of a company with experts in this field.

Should I hire an external company to build my trade show booth?

Absolutely, hiring experts to build your trade show booth is highly recommended. A company that specializes in building exhibition booths will have no trouble preparing your stand on time. Every element will be professionally installed, including lighting and other details. A perfectly constructed trade show booth will save you a lot of time and ensure the entire structure is safe.

How much does it cost to build a trade show booth in 2024?

The cost of comprehensive trade show booth construction is complex, so each quote is individualized. Building booths is undoubtedly a time-consuming and sometimes very complicated task. Consequently, services like exhibition booth construction are in high demand. In 2024, the cost of setting up a trade show booth ranges from several thousand to even tens of thousands of złoty. This wide range makes it difficult to provide a specific price – a conversation with an expert is necessary for an accurate estimate.