Promotional / Advertising Stands

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QUBE Frames are a modern system designed for constructing mobile promotional and informational stands. They provide an ideal temporary solution that performs excellently not only during industry events. They are also perfectly suited as:

  • Promotional stand
  • Information point
  • Arcade stand
  • Mobile reception desk
QUBE structures are relatively lightweight and portable, allowing for easy transport and storage of the stand. Thanks to their modular design, the structure can be reused multiple times, each time in a different shape and, importantly, with different graphic designs.
  • Lightweight, portable frames with a simple shape
  • Modular construction for quick and easy assembly
  • Frames available in various designs and sizes
  • Ability to connect panels in different configurations, enabling the system to be reused in various layouts and situations
  • With QUBE system frames, you can build:
    • Stand walls
    • Counters and podiums
    • Information and brochure stands
    • Display units
  • Panel connections do not require tools.

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  • Made from anodized aluminum frames – matte silver color
  • Aluminum profiles can be:
    • Painted in any color from the RAL palette
    • Covered with a coating that perfectly imitates the pattern and color of veneered wood – with several designs to choose from
    • Anodized in other colors, such as olive, brown, black (custom orders)


The QUBE frames used for building stands are filled with panels on both sides.

  • Lightweight PVC panels are the standard filling for QUBE frames.
  • However, for practical, aesthetic, and individual design reasons, the filling can also be:
    • Aluminum composite panels, which allow for the mounting of objects, pockets, etc., onto the panel surface
    • Furniture board with any pattern imitating wood
    • Glass or plexiglass panels, providing transparency and better lighting for the stand
    • Slats, serving as a lattice filling
    • Panels with milled patterns
    • Fabrics
    • Other materials tailored to specific needs can also be used.


  • The stand can be equipped with external lighting – lamps mounted on the top profile of the walls. The following lighting options are used:
    • Light bar – LIGHT BOARD
    • Lamp – DISPLAY
  • The frames can also be illuminated from within,
  • with the electrical system concealed inside the panels.


Used for stabilizing individual QUBE Line walls, freestanding panels, stands, and advertising displays. Flat bases or side-mounted bases are used, made of steel and powder-coated.


The stands are custom-made to meet individual orders, ensuring that each element is crafted to meet user expectations. The equipment is also selected individually. The structures can be equipped with:

  • Shelves: straight or inclined
  • Brochure holders
  • Cable system for hanging frames and frameless displays
  • Display cases
  • TV or tablet mounts
  • Graphic elements – flat and three-dimensional
  • Light frames


Individual QUBE frames are relatively compact in size. With the aid of QUBE’s modular accessories such as transport carts and frame covers, transporting and storing them is effortless and straightforward see more

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Mobile solutions

“Info QUBE” is set for constructing movable stalls, which are perfect for temporary exhibitions. It can be applied as:

  • information points,
  • advertising points,
  • mercantile points.

Frames are like puzzles. It`s easy to move them. They are light and matching each other. Assembled, they create an ideally integrated connectedness. It`s possible to assemple one stall in various ways. Even changing of order of frames impart a new look. And beacause the system can be used repeatedly, it`s only needed to change a fulfillment to get a brand new stall, which can be used during a different event. “Info QUBE” frames can be producted in various sizes and adapt to different conditions and ways of transporting.

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Looking to succeed at industry events? Opt for an exhibition booth with the Omega System.

Are you planning to participate in industry trade shows, conferences, or similar events? Excellent! Specialized events are a unique opportunity to showcase your company’s offerings, and exhibition booths from Omega System will help you attract the attention of a large number of clients. These events are where you can meet the highest concentration of potential customers interested in your services. Don’t miss this opportunity! Choose a modern exhibition booth and elevate your product display to unprecedented levels. In our assortment, you will find promotional booths from the QUBE line, known for their tremendous functionality and ease of transport. Such advertising booths can be successfully used at the aforementioned events. However, exhibition systems are not just a one-time investment. Modular points also contribute to the strength of any sales environment and even information pavilions in shopping malls. Special attention should be given to the price of these setups. The innovative INFO QUBE exhibition booth should be considered an extremely budget-friendly solution, whose functionality will undoubtedly bring many benefits to entrepreneurs from almost every industry branch. We invite you to explore our offering of promotional booths. With our extensive machinery and versatile staff, Omega System ensures that the product ordered will be effective, competitively priced, and durable for regular use.

The best advertisement for your company? An exhibition stand!

If you want your company to stand out and attract more interested prospects, invest in an exhibition display. Modern, mobile, and tailored to your company’s specifications, promotional stands are now a cornerstone of excellent advertising. Thanks to their ease of transportation and storage, exhibition displays are versatile—they can serve as information points, aisle stands, or promotional booths. Their straightforward assembly and disassembly make them suitable for various trade shows, as well as for placement in shopping malls or retail outlets. Such events are prime opportunities to showcase your offerings to a wider audience and acquire new customers. It’s an excellent marketing tactic and strategy—after all, a well-designed display catches people’s eyes, and the more eyes, the better.

From idea to project. How do we work at Omega System?

It all starts with your idea – and we provide expert guidance in translating it into exhibition stands. Our collaboration involves extensive consultations, and each of our clients is kept informed of progress and has visibility into their bespoke project. We give 110% to realize the vision of everyone who chooses exhibition stands as a form of advertising – evidenced by our use of cutting-edge practices, including the QUBE frame system. After all, it all begins with proper installation. As for the promotional stand price, it’s very competitive – this product isn’t for single-use, and its portability and ease of assembly and disassembly mean you can take it anywhere. The final product delivered to you is securely protected from damage, ensuring it arrives intact.

Exhibition stands constructed by Omega System – guaranteeing reliability!

We believe in the principle that if something needs to be done, we must give it our all every time. This principle is reflected in our projects for diverse industries. Promotional stands by Omega System combine timeless design with sturdy construction, allowing for customizable arrangements. You decide how it will look – and we fulfill your dreams of excellent advertising form. It’s no wonder we are recognized as one of the most prominent designers in Poland – our strength and determination aim for the stars, bringing their light to our products. The QUBE system is an innovative solution for those aiming to present their brand in the best light, utilizing simple yet stunning designs. Discover us now and see why our promotional stands excel in both price and quality. We welcome all who seek specific advertising solutions that can stand anywhere – indoors and outdoors alike.

Questions and Answers (FAQ)

#1 Is it worth investing in exhibition stands?
It depends. If your company frequently attends various trade shows, an exhibition stand may be essential. Our stands are easy to assemble and relatively lightweight, making them portable enough to take anywhere!

#2 What exactly is the QUBE system?
QUBE is a modern system developed by our company. This innovative system of frames and accessories allows for quick space arrangement step by step. The construction is as simple to assemble as puzzles, yet it is stable and resistant to mechanical damage.

#3 What does collaboration with Omega System entail?
It all starts with the concept – we closely collaborate with the client, beginning with in-depth interviews. By understanding the goal, we quickly adapt to create an appropriate product. We design, handle production, and voila! You can enjoy a completely new, avant-garde QUBE system!