QUBE open-air exhibitions

The best in the open

QUBE aluminum frames work well not only indoors, but also outdoors. The solid aluminum structures are resistant to weather conditions, and the additional load prevents even the strongest wind from overturning the panels placed in the field.

The graphics are displayed on composite plates embedded in frames. The size of the panels can be freely modified – the Omega System company offers not only a set of standard dimensions, but also designs according to customer preferences. The frames can be set individually or create complex structures, which gives countless possibilities of arranging and adapting the exhibitions to various outdoor conditions.

The frame itself in the Omega QUBE Line system is delicate and almost invisible. Thanks to this, what is most important is exposed, i.e. graphics designed by the client or with the help of our specialists from Omega System. Our projects combine quality, durability and aesthetics – each project is carried out in the convention indicated by the client.

An additional advantage of the Omega QUBE Line frames intended for open-air exhibitions is the possibility of installing lighting, which means that the exhibitions can also be viewed after dark. It gives them a unique atmosphere, attracting new visitors