Outdoor exhibitions


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Outdoor Omega QUBE Line exhibition panels

  • A lightweight and sturdy system of aluminum frames filled with panels that serve as carriers for presenting graphic, artistic, and advertising materials outdoors.
  • The panels are assembled into stable and visually appealing configurations.
  • Exhibition structures are discreetly weighted for better stability.

The structure

  • Omega QUBE Line exhibition walls designed for outdoor use are made of lightweight aluminum profiles, assembled into stable configurations.
  • They are additionally stabilized with heavy bases, which, where possible, are concealed.
  • The wall structure is nearly invisible from the front, ensuring that the print content is not disrupted by structural elements of the frames.
  • The entire display surface is utilized for presenting content.
  • Panels are attached to the frames – typically durable and rigid aluminum composite panels.
  • The panels are connected using system connectors to form exhibition frameworks in various layouts.
  • Panel sizes are adjusted as needed, but due to their resistance to weather conditions, especially strong winds, these sizes should not be too large.

Exhibition walls – Exhibition cubes were created in cooperation with the State Museum at Majdanek. The concept of the system’s form, developed by Izabela Tomasiewicz from the museum’s exhibition department, was made possible thanks to the Omega QUBE Line exhibition frames.

construction options


  • The panels are connected using system connectors at various angles.
  • The same panels can be disconnected and joined into different configurations.
  • The diagrams below present proposals for wall layouts.
Color and appearance of profiles

Aluminum profiles can be:

  • Painted in any color from the RAL palette
  • Covered with a coating perfectly imitating the pattern and color of veneered wood, with a choice of several designs
  • Anodized in a different color such as olive, brown, black (custom orders available)


The frames are typically filled with aluminum composite panels. Other materials can also be used, tailored to specific needs.


The walls are stabilized with heavy concrete bases.


  • Panels can be illuminated with lamps mounted on the top profile of the walls.
  • NEW! Solar lighting
    • Requires no access to the electrical grid
    • No cables or power supply – simple form,
    • An economical and environmentally friendly solution
  • Traditional solutions are also used: LED or halogen lighting:
    • Light beam – LIGHT BOARD
    • Halogen spotlight
  • The power supply system is hidden inside the wall

Display method for materials

Omega QUBE Line exhibition walls are primarily designed for displaying printed materials:

  • High-quality UV printing directly on the panel – the most popular method
  • High-quality print on self-adhesive vinyl placed on the surface, additionally covered with a laminate to protect it from varying weather conditions

Standard dimensions

Omega QUBE Line exhibition walls are available in standard dimensions as well as custom sizes tailored to individual needs within technical feasibility limits.

Stable configurations of QUBE outdoor walls – structures weighted with concrete blocks.

cat. no  visible dimensionS1 x S2 x H (cm)
SC/QB/PL/Q1 100 x 50 x 200

Closed layout – square

cat. no. visible dimension S x H (cm)
SC/QB/PL/Q2 70 x 200
SC/QB/PL/Q2 100 x 200
SC/QB/PL/Q2 125 x 200

Closed layout – triangular

cat. no. visible dimension S x H (cm)
SC/QB/PL/Q3 70 x 200
SC/QB/PL/Q3 100 x 200
SC/QB/PL/Q3 125 x 200


Omega QUBE Line walls can be illuminated in several ways.

  • NEW! Solar lighting – does not require access to the electrical grid,
    no cables or power supply – simple form, economical and environmentally friendly solution (rys. 1)

rys. 1

  • Traditional solutions – panels can be illuminated with lamps mounted on the top profile of the walls.
    • LED or halogen lighting is used:
      • Light beam – LIGHT BOARD (Fig. 2)
      • External halogen lamp (Fig. 3)

oświetlenie – belka ledboard (rys. 2), halogen (rys. 3)

The best in the field

QUBE aluminum frames work well not only indoors, but also outdoors. The solid aluminum structures are resistant to weather conditions, and the additional load prevents even the strongest wind from overturning the panels placed in the field.

The graphics are displayed on composite plates embedded in frames. The size of the panels can be freely modified – the Omega System company offers not only a set of standard dimensions, but also designs according to customer preferences. The frames can be set individually or create complex structures, which gives countless possibilities of arranging and adapting the exhibitions to various outdoor conditions.

The frame itself in the Omega QUBE Line system is delicate and almost invisible. Thanks to this, what is most important is exposed, i.e. graphics designed by the client or with the help of our specialists from Omega System. Our projects combine quality, durability and aesthetics – each project is carried out in the convention indicated by the client.

An additional advantage of the Omega QUBE Line frames intended for open-air exhibitions is the possibility of installing lighting, which means that the exhibitions can also be viewed after dark. It gives them a unique atmosphere, attracting new visitors

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