Basic constructional elements

QUBE means planes made of frames, forming various systems.


  • Filled with board – basic one is pvc board with print

  • Filled with fabric – with ordinary print and for illuminations
  • Fabric enables to use frames with bigger formats, which are light at the same time


  • Depending on the way and the purpose QUBE frame system is used for, walls can be filled with several types of boards – basic ones are pvc boards with print, but also furniture boards – for permanent expositions and boards of artistic character – composite and openwork, with a wide range of patterns and colours.


  • butterfly connectors

  • angulars connectors
    180 degrees / 90 degrees / 120 degrees / 135 degrees / 3 x 120 degrees / 4 x 90 degrees
  • and others, necessary for implementation of non-standard visions and systems


QUBE hinges enable to put up walls at any angle within the range of

90 degrees – 270 degrees

They are used for building doors

Hinges are designed that way so that there are no gaps nor clearances between the connected boards


The post as wide as the frame is used for straight connections and esthetical wall finishing, it serves as a strengthening element for the structure and the ground for building counters


Flat feet stabilise the construction of the walls that are built in the straight line, they stabilise the walls

  • Available in several sizes


They are mainly used for stabilising single panels, e.g. pylons and also for structures developed on their sides

  • Two types of side feet are available, one of them support the walls also in the middle of their line, not disturbing surface continuity and graphics
  • Available in several sizes – adapted to the needs


Where the floor is uneven, levelling feet are used, thanks to which it is possible to level surfaces of the exposition easily and to provide their stability. They are used where it is inexpedient to use other bases e.g. for esthetical reasons.