Frames – graphical panels

  • lightweight and portable frames with a simple shape
  • graphic panels made in any size
  • for both permanent and temporary applications


  • Construction made of anodized aluminum frames – matte silver color.
  • Frames filled with lightweight PVC panels, mounted with magnets or fabric with printing.
  • Designed for wall mounting.


  • Any graphics – UV printing directly on the panel or printing on fabric.


  • Graphic panels are produced on custom orders, so each element can be made to meet user expectations. Equipment can also be individually tailored.
  • Profiles can be painted in any color from the RAL palette.
  • Graphics can be backlit from the inside or outside.
  • Materials used for filling can be adjusted to meet aesthetic needs and requirements.

Single frames have relatively small dimensions, and thanks to QUBE accessories (transport trolleys, frame covers), they are easy to transport and store.

Dynamic images

A hanging image becomes boring? Remove it and replace by another one – it`s really easy thanks to graphical panels QUBE.

Walls in offices, shops and cinemas will gain a new look in a economical way. It’s sufficient to buy frames once, and change only graphical panels in future. They can create a clear decorative, advertising or informational background.

A bringing attention feature is lighting mounted in panels. It can be adjusted to customers needs.