QUBE stands

A versatile COMPACT SYSTEM, a kind of BLOCKS for exhibitors and designers with versatile application. It is indispensable when presenting pure graphics, it is used for making fair and exhibition structures. The system is equipped with various-purpose accessories, including discreet but spectacular illumination.


In a museum, at an exhibition, QUBE System can be used for marking out a sightseeing path, simultaneously serving as a medium for information that can be put onto panels in the form of text or graphics. You can place illuminated show-cases and shelves in the walls, there is also an option of customised solutions.

Fair stands

QUBE-System is a simple idea for fair stands that enables their arrangement in an infinite number of versions. Making use of one set of frames, you can create several stands of different character.

QUBE exposition furniture

Modern interactive exhibitions. The picture shows an interactive exhibition “The Puzzles of Optics" at the Mystery Revealing Institute, made by the company OFF Science. QUBE System was used for presentation of physics domain phenomena.

fabric frames

Uniform background for events, press conferences or TV conferences, an element of scenography or a form of decorative graphics – these are some of the ways how uniform large fabric surfaces stretched on QUBE frames can be used. Light and large.

Space arrangement

QUBE system is a perfect solution for the arrangement and division of rooms. It is a light, cheap system that enables quick modification of space arrangement or division of larger spaces into smaller, functional rooms.


QUICK QUBE are walls made of several graphic panels, for quick assembly and simple disassembly without the use of tools. They serve as the carrier of information and graphics.

QUBE walls –Museum at Majdanek

Exhibition cubicles were created in cooperation with the State Museum at Majdanek. The concept of the system block, which is an independent design made by Izabela Tomasiewicz from the exhibition department of the museum, was possible to implement thanks to exhibition frames Omega QUBE Line.

QUBE exposition walls

Walls made of QUBE frames, coonnected at various angles and into expressive arrangements, are an ideal carrier inside and outside the rooms! Try them out!

BIG QUBE walls

Attractive graphic form connected with illumination – BIG QUBE walls – and each room will be transformed into a special place filled with unique atmosphere. QUBE lighting means led lights featuring discreet construction and high illumination capacity that can illuminate a large area in an almost uniform way.

QUBE exposition furniture

The type of materials used for building the exposition decides about its character. QUBE system enables application of many types of fillers. Counters, expositors illuminated from the inside with white or colour light intensify the impression and enrich the exposition.

Transport and storage

To ensure safe and easy transport of QUBE frames, we offer ergonomic accessories, facilitating logistics of each and every exhibition enterprise. QUBE sets are equipped with transport trolleys, covers and boxes for accessories.

QUBE accessories

QUBE accessories are well-thought-out, simple, easy to use and safe.

QUBE fair stands