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INTERNAL fair stands

You can make yourself outstanding even on a small area. We will help you set out QUBE exhibition walls to give your company stand the eye-catching factor, irrespective of the fact whether it takes a few or a dozen or so square metres.

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CORNER fair stands

We know what you need. We offer discreet and light aluminium frames filled with graphics that may be transformed in any way, creating numerous configurations. Thanks to QUBE frames you will fit in any space with your stand.

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We create new possibilities. Thanks to peninsula-shaped structures erected in a short time out of light aluminium QUBE frames, you will create a one of its kind exhibition setting that will attract new clients to you.

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ISLAND fair stands

The essential thing is to have an idea what you want to achieve. And precisely – how you want to advertise your company. If you need an unusual design of exhibition setting for your company, we will use our QUBE frames to prepare it for you.

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One connection – many options. Angular connections of aluminium frames enable effective use of even small areas, and what’s more - they will add lightness to your stand and make it visible among others.

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Fair stands with ELEVATION

Leave modesty for others. You go to events to stand out in the crowd and draw attention of clients – let us do the job for you! Thanks to elevations in the structure of aluminium frames, your company logo will be seen from a distance.

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Variety is the spice of life, as they say. Aluminium frames – straight, polygonal, with additions such as illumination, elevation, LED displays, counters and islands – you will get it all if you decide to entrust us with complex preparation of your exhibition stand.

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Q30 stands

Invest in the multitude of possibilities – thirty frames for construction of exhibition stands

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Q36 stands

A solution for the demanding ones – create optional configurations out of 36 QUBE elements!

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