Stands for leaflets

stojakie reklamowe omega QUBE SYSTEM

  • mobile, foldable, of simple shape
  • stands are made in several variants, in any sizes and configurations
  • for permanent and temporary applications


  • Constructed from anodized aluminum frames – matte silver color
  • Frames filled with lightweight PVC panels, mounted using magnets
  • Bases: flat or side-mounted


Custom graphics – UV printing directly on the panel


  • The stands are produced on individual orders, so each component can be made to meet users’ expectations. Additionally, the equipment can be individually selected. The constructions can be equipped with:
    • Shelves: straight or slanted
    • Leaflet pockets
    • Snap frames or poster holders
    • TV or tablet mounts
  • Profiles can be painted in any color from the RAL palette. The stand can be internally or externally illuminated. The materials used for filling can be adapted to aesthetic needs and requirements.


Individual frames have relatively small dimensions. Thanks to QUBE accessories (transport carts, frame covers), they are easy to transport and store.

stojak reklamowy ABB - omega QUBE SYSTEM

Traditional forms of promotion still thrive. Choose a promotional stand and enjoy effective advertising.

The QUBE System is not only a large format panels. We also offer frames for creating stands to exposing leaflets and promotional materials. It`s a perfect solution, because the stand acts as a advertising object itself, and a leaflet is only an addition. In QUBE frames it`s also possible to install a screen for presenting advertising movies. It increases interactivity of a medium and makes the advert more interesting. Size of stands can be changed, and leaflets expositors are adjusted to the size of brochures. Stands are also an perfect addition for other QUBE sets.

First, make yourself noticed. Advertising stands will help you reach new customers!

You can offer your customers top-quality products at very competitive prices, but if you don’t take care of the right marketing level, you must reckon with the fact that the vast majority of recipients will not even receive information about an attractive assortment. Today, reaching a potential consumer with advertising requires the use of many carriers. In recent years, network marketing has enjoyed great popularity, but its traditional branches can also boast considerable effectiveness. Omega System’s advertising stands are one of the most versatile promotional tools offered. The stand is the basis of the equipment for each booth at various industry events. As a well-known and respected manufacturer of stands, we also recommend that such a stationary marketing carrier be found in your store or in the corridors of an office or shopping gallery – places where sales points are often located. Advertising stands are typically used for distributing leaflets and newsletters. Expanded distribution capabilities mean that advertising stands are also found in government offices. In such cases, the stand contains forms or detailed instructions for behavior in clearly

stojak reklamowy EVENT PRINT - omega QUBE SYSTEM

An important element is originality. Get ahead of your competitors and purchase advertising stands.

Our advertising stands are characterized by incredible aesthetics. The designer and original execution of our products are key to your company’s future success. Omega System’s components will beautifully and tastefully distinguish any booth or workspace. As a manufacturer of advertising stands, we understand perfectly how to combine materials to achieve the desired effect eagerly awaited by our clients. Our unique idea, the QUBE frame system, incorporates modern technology to ensure a striking appearance at any special event or industry gathering. Personalized graphics and your company’s logo on advertising stands will further enhance the professionalism and prestige of your display. A well-prepared marketing campaign always stands behind the success of hundreds of companies. Invest in timeless advertising stands today!

stand reklamowy exellor - omega QUBE SYSTEM

Proven components for every exhibition. Advertising stands mean durability and stability.

When purchasing an advertising stand, it’s worth paying attention not only to its aesthetics but also to its durability and stability. These qualities are the foundation of marketing stands. If you’re planning to attend trade shows or various exhibitions, you need to know that a durable component is indispensable. In busy booths, there’s an increased risk of damaging various products or display elements, which is why an advertising stand made from high-quality materials is a true must-have. Each of our products is crafted with utmost precision. Precision and professionalism are hallmark traits of Omega System. As a respected manufacturer of advertising stands, we know how to take care of even the smallest and most detailed components designed for stationary marketing.

Stand reklamowy na ulotki - ABE

Stand reklamowy na ulotki

Durability goes hand in hand with functionality. See advertising stands in action!

When crafting advertising stands, Omega System pays attention to many aspects, one of which is ensuring practicality for every customer. To truly call it an advertising stand, it must fulfill its function. Our individual models vary in their applications. We offer advertising stands with special pockets for magazines or leaflets, allowing you to promote your business at trade shows, exhibitions, or within your own premises, thereby attracting potential customers to specific products. You’ll also find advertising stands with functional slots where you can integrate an external monitor to display promotional videos of your company. As an experienced manufacturer of advertising stands, Omega System excels in accommodating personalized orders from our clients. Enhance your corporate display by choosing original products from a leader in the industry.

Stand reklamowy omega QUBE Line

Stand reklamowy Omega QUBE Line

Omega System will meet all your expectations.
Advertising stands are the cornerstone of our range.

Every manufacturer of stands can create a component at a low price. However, will such a product truly be high-quality and valuable? When promoting your own brand, it’s not worth skimping on marketing elements, especially when it comes to stationary advertising. Our company offers the best, original, aesthetic, and durable advertising stands at attractive prices. We dominate the market for both marketing and exhibition components. We create advertising stands based on years of experience and innovative technologies. We excel at combining materials to ensure 100% functionality and stability. With our products, you will undoubtedly enhance any exhibition and workspace. Don’t hesitate any longer and order excellent advertising stands from Omega System. With us, attractive pricing always goes hand in hand with functionality.

Advertising stands – traditional forms still alive

Despite living in the age of online sales, advertising in the real world remains relevant. Proof of this can be seen in advertising stands, which can be found in practically every shopping mall or store, as well as at various trade shows and exhibitions. As a manufacturer of advertising stands, we understand perfectly that real-world self-promotion and product advertising are still alive and well. We assist all business owners in achieving this by creating custom advertising stands that stand out with their design and graphics. In marketing, the goal is to continually attract new customers – and this is achievable through such measures. A classic method that works remains one of the best approaches in every case. Upon your request, we are capable of producing stands like no other! Begin your advertising journey with Omega System – you won’t regret the results. We are open to all industries, ideas, and suggestions – as evidenced by our extensive portfolio, which shows that no challenge is too daunting for us. So, shall we get started?

Functionality and quality in one – is it possible? Absolutely!

Every day, we strive to ensure that our advertising stands exceed the expectations of even the most meticulous and demanding individuals. Like a chameleon, we adapt to meet your needs. Omega System’s advertising stands are more than just information blocks. The QUBE system is our unique concept – leveraging modern technology to ensure your advertising stand stands out and entices visitors to take away flyers or company information. It’s well-known that people are visual creatures – we harness this fact to achieve great success with our products. With over 30 years of experience, we have become one of the most recognizable names in the industry. Each order is treated individually, with precision and attention to every detail. One of the tremendous advantages is mobility; our stands can be taken anywhere – literally and figuratively.

Advertising stands as the perfect solution – regardless of financial capabilities.

The attractive pricing of advertising stands encourages purchases from both large company owners and smaller entrepreneurs looking to showcase their products or businesses to a wider audience. Advertising stands are highly effective in public institutions such as banks, city offices, clinics, and many businesses. A creatively designed advertising stand has a better chance of attracting potential customers than a standard brochure holder. At Omega System, we value the individuality of each company and strive to reflect respect for the creativity of those who entrust us with their advertising needs through our stands. Choosing an advertising stand from Omega System ensures you receive a durable product that can serve you for many years. None of our products are disposable, which means we do not contribute to excessive, mass production that negatively impacts the environment. Interested in learning more? Feel free to reach out to us!

Questions and Answers (FAQ)

#1 What is INFO QUBE?

INFO QUBE is a set developed by us for building mobile stands. It performs exceptionally well at various events, serving as the focal point for all interested in your offer. Each of our advertising stands is stable and easy to transport. It’s a perfect solution for every budget – after all, advertising matters in the industry.

#2 Why is it better to have an advertising stand?

Primarily, it’s to promote yourself much better. Proper presentation is essential to reaching a wider audience. It’s crucial for the stand to be solid – customers value this highly, especially when they are nearby. Proper company graphics, displays, and advertising presentations – this gradual approach helps build your company’s image.

#3 Are INFO QUBE components safe?

Yes! The components of our system are made from materials that have Hygienic Certification and Fire Classification. Upon special request from our customers, we provide relevant documents along with the purchase of our system.