Exhibition stands

The QUBE System is a modern set of frames used for building mobile advertising stands. It represents an ideal temporary solution that works perfectly for various industry events. Designed this way, the advertising stations are relatively lightweight and mobile, facilitating easy transport and storage of such exhibition systems. Thanks to its modular construction, the exhibition stand can be reused multiple times, with the ability to change its shape and graphic design each time, which is crucial.

  • Lightweight, portable frames with a simple construction,
  • Modular design ensuring quick and hassle-free assembly of the entire structure,
  • Frames available in various sizes,
  • Ability to connect panels in different configurations – allowing the system to be used repeatedly in different layouts and situations, With QUBE frames, you can build:
    • Walls of a trade fair stand,
    • Backdrops,
    • Meeting rooms,
    • Counters and podiums,
    • Information and brochure stands,
    • Display units,
  • Frames are connected together without the need for tools.

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The construction is made of anodized aluminum frames – matte silver in color. Aluminum profiles can be:

  • Painted in any color from the RAL palette,
  • Covered with a coating that perfectly imitates the pattern and color of veneered wood – with a choice of several designs,
  • Or anodized in another color such as olive, bronze, black (made to order).


The QUBE frames used for constructing trade fair stands are filled with panels on either two sides or one side, depending on the project specifications.

Standardly, the frames are filled with lightweight PVC panels. However, for practical, aesthetic, and individual design reasons, the filling can include:

  • Aluminum composite panel – rigid and highly durable, suitable for mounting items and brochure holders,
  • Furniture board with various wood-like patterns,
  • Glass or acrylic sheet – providing transparency and better lighting for the stand,
  • Louvers – serving as openwork fillings,
  • Panels with milled designs,
  • Fabrics.

Other materials can also be used, tailored to specific needs.

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  • The trade fair stand can be equipped with external lighting – lamps mounted on the top profile of the walls. The types of lighting available include:
    • Light bar – LIGHT BOARD
    • Lamp – DISPLAY
  • The frames can also feature internal lighting,
  • with the electrical system concealed within the panels.
Depending on the concept and design, the floor can be constructed from:
  • QUBE system frames filled with sturdy panels,
  • Trade show carpeting.

Stabilizing bases

  • Bases used include flat bases or side-mounted, powder-coated steel bases,
  • used to stabilize individual QUBE Line walls, freestanding panels, stands, and advertising displays.

The stands are produced to individual orders, so each component can be customized to meet users’ expectations. Therefore, the equipment is chosen individually, and the constructions can be equipped with:

  • Shelves: straight or slanted
  • Brochure pockets
  • Link system for hanging frames and anti-frames
  • Display cabinets
  • TV or tablet mounts
  • Graphic elements – flat and three-dimensional
  • Light frames

Individual frames are relatively small in size. Thanks to QUBE accessories (transport trolleys, frame covers), they are easy to transport and store. For more information, please refer to the detailed specifications and guidelines provided by QUBE see more

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Mobile trade fair stand QUBE: modernity and effectiveness in one.

Innovative modular stands find application in various contexts, including:

  • Information points,
  • Sales points,
  • Advertising stands,
  • Transitional stands,
  • Exhibition stands.

Introducing the modern promotional stands QUBE 4 YOU, designed for our most demanding clients. We have created a versatile design that can be used for various events – from trade shows and exhibitions to outdoor events and conferences. Each promotional stand from this line, without graphic printing, is available immediately. Orders for stands with printed graphics are fulfilled within 3 business days. Prices vary depending on the chosen set; our offerings include QUBE 4 YOU One, Two, and Three stands. We designed the structure to allow for numerous panel configurations, providing immense flexibility and convenience in adapting the stand to specific conditions. Explore our full range of promotional stands today!

Discover QUBE 4 YOU promotional stands and promote your brand in great style!

A promotional trade fair stand is a type of structure that serves as an attractive backdrop to promote a brand during various events. Careful design is crucial for the success of marketing efforts, so choosing a promotional trade fair stand should be well thought out. We offer three innovative sets of frames that can be arranged in multiple ways. They serve as unbeatable sales tools, suitable for numerous events. A professional promotional trade fair stand will help you stand out at trade shows, attract customers during promotional campaigns in stores, and make a big impression at outdoor events like local festivals. Each of these events is an excellent opportunity to build a positive brand image and promote your company. With a well-prepared stand featuring illuminated frames, you will encourage many people to visit and learn more about your services or products. Promote your brand in the best style possible by using QUBE 4 YOU promotional trade fair stands!

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Here, you can order the promotional trade fair stand you’re looking for. Check out the available options!

At Omega System, we don’t cut corners – we deliver promotional trade fair stands in the form of functional kits. When you order one of the three available variants from the QUBE 4 YOU line, you’ll receive one or two carts and covers for the frames, along with a practical crate for essential accessories (holders, bases, lighting rails, and more). The packed promotional stand takes up relatively little space – detailed dimensions of the carts and crate are provided in the description of the selected setup.

The panels are designed to create visually appealing configurations. If you’re interested in the price of a specific stand, please contact us. Remember, by collaborating with Omega System experts, you gain assurance of receiving top-quality constructions within a few days. QUBE 4 YOU promotional stands without printing are available immediately, while orders for personalized projects are fulfilled within 3 business days. Here, affordable pricing meets premium quality – experience it firsthand by placing an order for a promotional stand today!

Possible configurations:

QUBE 4 YOU stands: Customize frame layouts for every occasion and discover the power of effective promotion!

A promotional exhibition stand is an incredibly practical and useful advertising tool. When set up in the right configuration, it facilitates connecting with potential customers. We offer high-quality promotional stands that ensure your brand will be remembered. The sets we sell are packed in convenient carts and crates – they are easy to set up, secure, and pack away. Our constructions attract attention and hold it longer – they make running promotional campaigns much easier! Explore examples of frame layouts and choose a set that suits your needs. We specialize in manufacturing presentation and exhibition systems; we will gladly fulfill your order. As for the promotional stand price, the QUBE 4 YOU sets are very competitively priced. Learn more by sending an inquiry through the form or calling the provided number. We look forward to hearing from you.


What sets QUBE 4 YOU promotional stands apart?

QUBE 4 YOU promotional stands are modern frame sets that allow for numerous configurations tailored to various occasions. These portable systems are packed in mobile carts. Each set includes a functional cover and a crate for assembly accessories. The QUBE 4 YOU line includes 3 variants: from the basic (6 frames) to the more elaborate (9 frames and a furniture board). A detailed description of each element will appear when you click on the stand.

How to plan a promotional stand for success?

A promotional stand should be designed to attract as many potential customers as possible. Planning the layout plays a crucial role in the success of a promotional campaign. It’s worth paying attention to the arrangement of the entire structure and considering lighting. Don’t forget about free giveaways for visitors – this will help the brand to be better remembered.

How much does a promotional stand with printing cost?

The price of a promotional stand depends on the chosen variant. The larger the set of frames, the higher the cost. Basic small setups usually cost from a few to several thousand zlotys. More complex two-story constructions are more expensive – their price can reach up to 100,000 PLN. Additional costs are associated with customizing the stand, including printing graphics and logos. To find out the price of QUBE 4 YOU promotional stands, contact us via the form or by phone.