Trade counters

  • Mobile, folding, simple-shaped constructions
  • are made in several variants – as a solid shape or single frame
  • for permanent and temporary applications.
  • The counter construction is made of anodized aluminum frames in a matte silver color.
  • The frames are filled with lightweight PVC panels, mounted with magnets.
  • The countertop is made of furniture board.


  • Any graphics – UV printing directly on the panel.
  • The countertop can be made in a color from the available materials.


  • The counters are produced on individual orders, so each element can be made to meet users’ expectations. Additionally, the equipment can be individually selected.
  • Counters can be equipped with:
    • shelves
    • cabinets
  • Profiles can be painted in any color from the RAL palette.
  • The counter can be illuminated from the inside or outside.
  • The materials used for the filling can be customized to meet aesthetic needs and requirements.


Individual frames have relatively small dimensions. Thanks to QUBE accessories (transport carts, frame covers), they are easy to transport and store.

Additional Equipment

  • Each counter can be equipped with additional accessories such as:
    • Print holders
    • Leaflet shelves
    • Tablet stand
    • Monitor stand
    • Advertising wall
  • With these accessories, it is easy and cost-effective to create an attractive and versatile booth.

The Omega QUBE Line counter is one of the products based on the lightweight QUBE display frames. More products from this series and detailed information about the system are available in the tab.


  1. The Omega QUBE Line counter – In the form of a solid

lada QUBE z pełnymi bokami

_____ dimension (cm)
S 100
G 50
H 90

2. The Omega QUBE Line counter – in the form of a single frame with a top

lada QUBE – pojedyncza rama

_____ dimension (cm)
S 100
G 40
H 90

Face-to-face meeting? QUBE trade counter will enhance the effectiveness of such events

The direct meeting place with the Client is the most crucial space for every promotion and numerous industry events. QUBE exhibition systems will create a unique backdrop for presentations, and our trade counter perfectly complements and distinguishes you from competing booths. By choosing professional trade counters, you clearly demonstrate that you are reaching out directly to the audience, who does not have to inquire independently about service details. Trade counters are the foundation for product tastings or exhibitions. Omega System’s constructions also serve excellently as a mobile reception version, and the option to choose an original color or pattern on the front ensures that the trade counter will certainly not escape anyone’s attention. A huge advantage of QUBE series equipment is its incredibly simple operation and the amazing lightness of the frame, which allows for convenient transportation. Despite this, our trade counters are characterized by solid construction and resistance to exploitation challenges. Simply replace the front graphic panel, and the exhibition counter can move to the next trade fair. This provides considerable convenience and savings not only in time but primarily in money.

The eye-catching trade counter from Omega System is an essential element for your booth!

Various conferences and industry trade shows are excellent opportunities to showcase your offerings to a multitude of potential clients. No entrepreneur needs convincing of that. The key issue at such events is, of course, the appearance of your booth. The design of rear panels, trade counters, and ultimately the product display itself must be perfected down to the last detail. As studies show, the vast majority of purchasing decisions are made impulsively. Do you want the first impression to naturally drive your sales? As experienced specialists in designing and manufacturing promotional booths, we can help you with that! Choose original trade counters that allow for complete customization. By opting to display your company’s logo or catchy slogans on the front panel, you can be sure to be remembered by every prospect. Importantly, exhibition counters from Omega System can be reused for various projects, and the use of top-quality materials and proven structural solutions directly contributes to extending their lifespan. We invite anyone interested in enhancing the effectiveness of corporate booths to explore our offerings. We are capable of offering you innovative trade counters at very attractive prices. Trust in Omega System’s booth setups. Transform your dreams of acquiring large numbers of new clients into a tangible, achievable plan.

lada targowa TAN EmpirE

Personalized products are within reach. Invest in exhibition counters for your company.

Trade counters are indispensable in every business. This incredibly versatile component has permanently established itself in our Omega System company’s product range. We manufacture exhibition counters in a unique and original manner. Especially for you, we have prepared a standard offer, but you can also order a personalized product perfect for decorating your store or perfectly matching the graphic design of your business, which you have been showcasing at various trade shows and events for years. Each trade counter will feature distinctive motifs for your company, positively impacting your corporate image. Moreover, customer trust in your brand will significantly increase. Choose original and personalized exhibition counters with a unique appearance straight from Omega System. Stay ahead of the competition and equip yourself with high-quality products as soon as possible.

Lada targowa Ecolicious

Lada targowa Ecolicious

Durable constructions can appear in your showroom. Discover our unique trade counters!

In our company, only high-quality trade counters are available. We are convinced that such constructions often display large-scale products, which is why we have prepared the perfect offer for you. Each trade counter is made of durable and solid materials carefully selected by our qualified and experienced experts. Omega System’s constructions are known for their high resistance to mechanical damage and adverse external factors. The exhibition counters are designed specifically for companies that frequently attend various trade shows, events, as well as ceremonial or charitable occasions. A booth equipped with a trade counter will undoubtedly provide convenience and comfort during presentations or product tastings. Ensure convenient working conditions for yourself and your clients by investing in durable trade counters.

Lada targowa RMA

Lada targowa RMA

A timeless trade counter is an essential element of every business trip!

Industry events, exhibitions, galas, cultural events, special occasions, and job fairs are just a few occasions where a trade counter finds its application. Distinguished representatives of various businesses should equip themselves with promotional, exhibition, and display components during all shows and celebrations related to their industry. The proven solutions we offer are a real bullseye for any company. Here, you will find durable and solid trade counters that are also lightweight and easy to assemble. All designed to provide you with convenient conditions both at your workstation and during component transportation. Especially for you, we propose original and functional products at attractive prices. A trade counter will help accommodate a larger quantity of products on display, significantly increasing interest among all consumers.

Lada targowa lubelskie Taste life

Lada targowa lubelskie Taste life

The QUBE trade counter will facilitate daily operations in your company.
Create ideal conditions with its lightweight construction.

Trade counters are a proven idea for any business, not only due to their aesthetic appearance and durability but also because of the practicality of their design. In our company, we pay attention to every detail during the production of advertising and exhibition components. Therefore, each trade counter is distinguished by quality, reliability, and lightweight construction. Its easy assembly and disassembly facilitate daily operations in both stationary stores and during extensive travels related to industry events. Lightweight exhibition counters can be easily moved and placed in any exhibition space, offering convenience that benefits many businesses. Ensure functionality during business fairs. Practical trade counters await you every day at Omega System.

Trade counters for everyone who values proper presentation!

The counter is an indispensable element of every store. Our QUBE exhibition systems create a backdrop for every presentation. Trade counters produced by Omega System serve as meeting places for sellers and customers, so they must stand out in the crowd and complement the store’s interior perfectly. It’s crucial that they are perfectly proportioned, with a wide enough countertop to facilitate tasks such as filling out surveys or signing documents. A trade counter should not be a barrier – it needs to be a customer-salesperson interface, a bridge for conversation and reaching agreements. Our exhibition counters are an excellent example of mobile elements because they can be taken anywhere in the world! It’s hard to imagine events without trade counters – lack of clear boundaries between the booth and the space for free movement can be uncomfortable and confusing for participants. Our QUBE systems simultaneously define boundaries and build relationships – ultimately, that’s what matters most.

Mobile reception made by Omega System. Why did we opt for multifunctionality?

In today’s world, simplicity and functionality are prioritized. Our systems are designed with a modern approach to elements that do not have a fixed location. They accompany us at trade shows, events, and presentations, returning to their place in the office or waiting area afterward. They serve as excellent points where clients typically spend a significant amount of time – for discussions, consultations, or registrations. Mobile elements allow for daily rearrangement as needed. They are not overly bulky, making transportation and handling easy on joints and muscles. Additionally, assembly and disassembly are pure pleasure – the ease and speed of putting components together save time and energy. Disassembled exhibition counters can be easily stored, saving space for other items. Nowadays, many shops and businesses utilize trade counters – they are user-friendly, durable, and convenient. What more could one ask for?

A custom exhibition counter according to your idea? With Omega System, it’s possible!

Our clients come from various industries, but they share one common goal – to present themselves to a broader audience as effectively as possible. We assist them by creating original trade counters tailored to their requirements. We understand well that even though mobile, a trade counter should be stable and compliant with applicable standards. Such items are often used at food fairs, where they must withstand heavy loads without buckling under pressure. That’s why we manufacture each of our products from robust and durable materials, resistant to weather conditions and mechanical damage. An Omega System trade counter is not a one-time product – it can serve for several years, traveling across Poland alongside your company. Omega System ensures comfort during presentations or product showcases – we strive to ensure that each of our clients is ultimately satisfied with the results they achieve.

Questions and Answers (FAQ)

  1. Do you produce personalized products? Yes! We are open to our clients’ ideas and creativity. We love new challenges, which allows us to showcase many high-level achievements. By following guidelines, we ensure the highest level of service.
  2. Are the counters produced by Omega System suitable for permanent locations? Yes. Our counters are durable and stable, making them suitable for various conditions. They are also resistant to pressure and mechanical damage, ensuring their flawless presentation remains unchanged over time.
  3. Can we see examples of projects you have undertaken? Of course! In the respective tabs on our website, you can find photos of the projects we have had the pleasure of completing. We are proud of each construction and always appreciate positive feedback!