Advertising walls

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  • Mobile, portable, simple-shaped construction
  • Advertising walls are made in various versions and sizes
  • Frames can be set up individually or combined in different configurations – thus, the system can be used repeatedly in various layouts and situations
  • They are designed for both permanent and temporary applications


  • Construction made of anodized aluminum frames – matte silver color
  • Frames filled with lightweight PVC panels, mounted with magnets
  • Bases: flat or side-mounted

Bases – several types of bases are used to stabilize QUBE walls, tailored to the display format. Above is a visualization of various solutions, each offering different benefits.


  • Any graphics – UV printing directly on the panel.
  • The walls are custom-made to order, so each element can be tailored to meet users’ expectations. Additionally, the equipment can be individually selected. Constructions can be additionally equipped with:
    • Shelves: straight or slanted
    • Brochure pockets
    • Snap frames or boards
    • TV or tablet mounts
  • Profiles can be painted in any color from the RAL palette. The wall can be illuminated from the inside or outside. The materials used for the filling can be adjusted to meet aesthetic needs and requirements.


Thanks to QUBE accessories (transport carts, frame covers), the walls are easy to transport and store.

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Standard Dimensions

The Omega QUBE Line display walls are available in standard dimensions as well as in sizes customized to individual needs within the technical capabilities.

Panel Dimensions of QUBE Line Walls – standard or customized to fit needs – walls can be made as single flat panels or composed of two or several compact frames – smaller dimensions facilitate transport and storage.

ramy ekspozycyjne QUBE

cat. no. dimensions visible S x H (cm)
SC/QB/WE-70×200 70 x 200
SC/QB/WE-100×200 100 x 200

ramy ekspozycyjne QUBE

cat. no. dimensions visible S x A/B(cm)
SC/QB/WE-2x70x100 70 x 100
SC/QB/WE-2x100x100 100 x 100
SC/QB/WE-2x125x125 125 x 125

Dimensions of QUBE Line fabric frames can be significantly larger than those filled with panels, allowing for a larger unified graphic surface area. The construction is lighter.

cat. no. dimensions visible S x H (cm)
SC/QB/WE-TK 200 x 200
SC/QB/WE-TK 250 x 200
SC/QB/WE-TK 300 x 200
SC/QB/WE-TK 400 x 200
SC/QB/WE-TK 500 x 200
SC/QB/WE-TK 300 x 250
SC/QB/WE-TK 400 x 250
SC/QB/WE-TK 500 x 250
The panels of QUBE walls can vary in size and also come in a compact form where one wall is constructed from several panels, facilitating transport and storage.

In the first glance inconspicuous, but in the second? Incredibly effective. See why it’s worth investing in exhibition walls.

In today’s world, a flawlessly executed marketing campaign is behind the success of many brands and products that most customers dream of. Traditional promotional forms, such as exhibition walls, continue to enjoy immense popularity and effectiveness, satisfying the expectations of even the most demanding entrepreneurs. Especially when promoting your product or service at conferences or similar events, original exhibition walls can prove to be a solid bargaining chip in capturing the attention of potential clients. An exhibition wall is a relatively simple yet highly effective way to present a wide range of content. These advertising elements can also be used as an original way to arrange space around a booth or store. We invite you to explore our range of exhibition walls. At Omega System, we demonstrate that attractive pricing can go hand in hand with the quality of selected media.

Advertising walls are our specialty. Choose one of three proprietary solutions by Omega System.

With over twenty years of experience as a manufacturer, we take pride in our extensive range of advertising walls. We understand how crucial it is for your company to present your brand, services, or products in a large, noticeable format that catches the eye of potential customers. Omega System’s exhibition walls have a wide range of applications. They can be used at various industry events and serve as the foundation for traditional marketing campaigns. That’s why our advertising walls should be featured in your store or at the corridor of a shopping gallery where your business is located.

Specifically designed for the most demanding clients, we have prepared exhibition walls in three variants. QUBE Line offers a simple yet highly effective solution. This trade show wall, constructed from modules, allows for flexible customization of displayed content. The use of lightweight aluminum ensures that the structure is easy to transport and store. A minimalist advertising wall can consist of a single or folding panel of any size. These profiles can also be enhanced with brochure pockets and counters, significantly increasing the set’s functionality. The QUBE line defines an advertising wall with a robust aluminum profile. You’ll find it not only indoors but also outdoors, in front of office buildings or in the centers of large cities.

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Stationary advertising is the key to your company’s future success. The advertising wall is waiting for you!

At Omega System, we offer proven and original promotion methods waiting for you. To comprehensively enhance both the interior of your company and your mobile setup at trade shows, investing in advertising walls is essential. This structure has a remarkable impact on the attractiveness of the space where presentations or product sales take place. An exhibition wall serves as a perfect complement to your entire booth during special events or corporate gatherings. It effectively promotes the products offered by your business. Through an advertising wall, you can tastefully and practically enhance the presentation of your range of products. Here, you’ll find the highest quality components that will serve you well at various events such as exhibitions, shows, presentations, or conferences.

Advertising walls and their versatile applications. Get to know this component better!

Trade show walls have firmly established themselves in the advertising canon of various establishments and institutions. Constructions featuring appropriate graphics and content are beneficial in the daily operations of museums. A simple and aesthetically pleasing composition on an exhibition wall will seamlessly complement the style of a specific exhibition, effectively showcasing entire works of art. Information displayed on the promotional component will distinctly mark the entire exhibition space. If you already know today that an advertising wall would certainly be useful in your business or institution, don’t hesitate any longer and contact our specialists. We will advise you on a comprehensive design and create the perfect component tailored to your individual needs. Choosing an exhibition wall is an exceptional solution for any company. By investing in this construction, you ensure outstanding stationary advertising.

ścianka reklamowa NicrometAn exhibition wall is characterized by durability and solidity. Discover all the benefits of this component!

At Omega System, we manufacture a variety of advertising walls using different materials. However, each of them is characterized by durability and solidity. With our extensive experience, we know how to match the right materials to ensure the highest quality of our products. Our advertising walls also feature lightweight construction and portability. They can be easily transported from place to place without concerns about their condition. Each trade show wall is resistant to external factors, making it suitable for indoor use within corporate buildings or institutions, as well as for outdoor advertising displays. The designs are both practical and aesthetic.

Especially for you, we have prepared an attractive offer for our components. You can also place a personalized order with us, which we will fulfill using modern and effective technologies. We guarantee that alongside an excellent design, you will always find an attractive price.

Explore our proprietary solutions! Advertising walls are Omega System’s specialty.

The advertising wall is an integral part of our product range. For over 20 years, we have been creating components for trade shows and various events. We excel in meeting our customers’ expectations, which has made us a leader in the marketing and exhibition systems market for a quarter of a century. Each advertising wall we produce boasts a distinctive style. According to individual orders, we craft structures from diverse materials to ensure stability and durability. Now, you don’t have to worry about the quality of promotional elements for your business! Every day, the advertising wall awaits you at Omega System. Get a unique and exceptional component that will shine at various events.

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Strategy matters. Advertising walls as tools for gaining popularity.

In today’s world, to navigate through the sea of competition, one must have a well-developed marketing strategy. Thoughtfully utilizing all available options can lead to unimaginable success – just look at the major brands that have maintained strong market positions for years. Each of them has a defined strategy, with advertising as a cornerstone. Effectively reaching a broader audience is key to achieving international success. Therefore, what’s needed is a spark of creativity and… advertising walls. Many might wonder at this point, “But why do I and my company need advertising walls?” Well, according to many, they are an essential element of real-world advertising. After all, the internet isn’t the only source of customer acquisition. The best way to promote a company is at trade shows and industry-related events directly. Trade show walls will certainly help with that.

Beauty lies in simplicity – and excellent design. Advertising walls from Omega System.

We constantly strive to exceed our customers’ highest expectations. Partnering with our company will not only be an interesting, creative experience but also a relationship built on trust and respect for ideas. The design of your advertising wall is in your hands – it could feature your company logo, a top product, or even your own image. We provide expert advice on various aspects, including the optimal layout of advertising walls to ensure a harmonious overall image, much like fitting puzzle pieces together perfectly. An exhibition wall is a must-have, primarily because of its versatility. Easy to assemble and disassemble, it’s perfect for taking on the road – and after events, you can place it in your office, either as decoration or for storage. Advertising walls can also serve as dividers in waiting rooms or offices, conveying important information or adding a decorative touch to enhance the interior.

Advertising wall prices – are they really exorbitant?

Trade show walls can actually be described as affordable elements for every business owner. At Omega System, our price and quality have been attracting a multitude of customers for years who are looking to invest in advertising walls. A trade show wall is a long-term investment – utilizing the QUBE system, which serves as a kit for building mobile booths. The stable frame and high-quality materials have ensured that advertising walls remain prominent. Companies invest in them to attract new customers, initially capturing their attention with unconventional graphics. Modular points can be taken anywhere – they are stable whether placed indoors or outdoors. Effectiveness, attractive pricing, and excellent presentation at events – these are the hallmarks of our products. You can purchase your own trade show wall now by placing an order in our store – we warmly invite you to do so!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

#1 Can I commission the company to prepare a PVC panel with my chosen graphics? Certainly! However, it’s important to ensure that the graphics comply with the guidelines provided on our website. Otherwise, the application may result in unsatisfactory outcomes. We do not make corrections or revisions to received texts – we print exactly what is commissioned. Therefore, we kindly ask everyone to review graphics before submitting orders.

#2 Are advertising walls difficult to transport? Not at all! They are relatively lightweight and should not pose a problem during handling or transport. To ensure that frames remain undamaged, we offer accessories that facilitate their transportation and protect them from damage, dirt, and dust. Another option includes transport carts that are compatible with the frames. In addition to these details, we also provide panel covers, accessory crates, and transport crates.

#3 What are the characteristics of QUBE frames? Frames filled with fabric are lighter and easier to assemble. Moreover, using appropriate fabrics allows for larger sizes (up to 300 cm). Fabric is easy to mount, and the graphics are interchangeable – simply replace the fabric with a new print.