Outdoor exhibitions – illuminated QUBE

Art admired even at night

The QUBE illuminated outdoor exhibition system is a revolution in the field of exhibition that goes beyond the walls of buildings. What does the exhibition structure look like? Well, on a light aluminum frame there is a composite plate with printed graphics. The plates are equipped with lighting, but not in the form of additional lamps – the illumination is integrated into the structure and evenly illuminates the entire surface of the plate.

The Omega System company offers large-format frames, which can also be freely combined with each other, creating newer and newer exhibition structures. Single frames, frames connected on a square plan, forming a zigzag or a strip marking the outdoor exhibition space – all of this can be achieved with one set of aluminum frames.

We deal with the project from the very beginning, i.e. from the concept that we create together with the client, to the execution – we have our own machine park, so we watch over the structure until the very end.

Outdoor exhibitions in the QUBE version with illumination are an innovative solution that can already be permanently displayed in Polish squares and squares. The exhibition can be organized anywhere as it is self-sufficient. A solid, stable structure ensures resistance to weather conditions, and the backlight integrated with the plate allows you to view the exhibition even after dark.