Q30 stands

Q30 Stands – consisting of 30 frames

The same thirty frames can be used to create many stands with a different layout, below you can find selected examples with designs in PDF

Stands are made of frames with standard dimensions: 125 cm x 100 cm

Walls can be connected with posts, connectors or system hinges that enable to obtain even more arrangements.

The number of frames that were used for creation of stands presented in visualisation does not include the frames used for making counters.

Q30 stands/01

Q30 stands/02

Q30 stands/03

Q30 stands/04

Q30 stands/05

Q30 stands/06

Q30 stands/07

Q30 stands/08

Q30 stands/09

Q30 stands/10

Q30 stands/11

Q30 stands/12

Q30 stands/13

Q30 stands/14